We have worked with our partners to put together loads of fun, free and family friendly engineering inspired activities.

There’s a huge range of different activities that showcase the wonderful world of engineering and can be done at home, with friends or outdoors. Some activities will need adult supervision.

All you need is a bit of curiosity and imagination.

Let’s get making!

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See how engineering turns gummy worms into Frankensnakes!

Get involved in monthly challenges, with the chance to have inventions brought to life!

Learn how you can use engineering to make ghastly ghosts dance!

Make your very own super stretchy slime to spook all your mates!

Learn about propulsion with Bitz & Bob

Design and build a helicopter using only paper and paperclips.

Learn how to make a cartesian diver!

Learn how to make a boat that doesn't sink.

Build your own harmonica!

Make your own eggs and watch them hatch!

Build a tank out of a cotton reel!

Make a Helter Skelter with Bitz & Bob

Design and build your own periscope to see around corners.

Fly your own paper plane!

Learn how to create a slide with Bitz & Bob.

Learn how to build a compass!

Make a pinwheel with Bitz & Bob!

Work as a team to make a car with a balloon-powered ‘engine’.

Colour in Rosie Revere Engineer!

Using jelly sweets and cocktail sticks, make your own geodesic dome.

Make a parachute with Bitz & Bob

Write a story about an engineering adventure you’d like to have one day.

Make and race a balloon powered car.

Raid your fruit bowl and see if it will sink or swim...

You’ve been challenged to design a platform for a house built on a flood plain!

Use a drinking straw to pierce through a raw potato!

Create your very own bouncy balls using just balloons.

Learn about static electricity with Bitz and Bob!

Leave the heavy lifting to our kitchen crane!

Can you design a bird feeder?

Learn how to make your own mini greenhouse!

Construct a free-standing bridge out of spaghetti!

Learn how to make your own kaleidoscope!

Learn about propulsion with Bitz and Bob.

Is it possible to blow up a balloon inside a bottle? We show you that it is!

Make your very own pinwheel with Bitz and Bob!

Here we look at what it takes to make eggs crack under pressure. It's eggstraordinary!

Learn about propulsion with this floating ball activity.

Cardboard. Sticky tape. Marbles. Can you build a run that keeps the marble going for at least a minute?

Help Rosie Revere Engineer design and build an Eggster-1000 Egg Picker-Upper.

Use household materials to build a balloon-propelled boat. How far can yours travel?

Join Emily the engineer on a rail adventure this summer and you could win Eurostar tickets to Europe!

Here we show you how you can make fruit balance in mid air at crazy angles!

Using bottles and drinking straws create an amazing diver which can float in a bottle.

Design, make and test a rocket to save the day!

How many jelly cubes can you move from one plate to another using just chopsticks?

Use sugar and soap to make a bubble inside a bubble inside a bubble…

Can you use a sheet of paper to create a water tight water bomb?

Want to watch videos from your phone on the big screen? Build this projector then sit back and enjoy!

Use your imagination to come up with a bright idea for a water filtration system of the future to provide clean water for everyone

Can you make the perfect parachute?

Make your very own quicksand with just 2 ingredients - it's very simple science!

We'll have you spinning around with this guide on how to make your very own water wheel!

Find out if you have what it takes to be an awesome engineer in this activity booklet!

Can you be the next Elon Musk? Take our simple quiz and see what you could be.

A photography competition capturing the creative and progressive face of engineers and engineering and technology today.

Why do different materials filter out different particles? Find out here.

Design a vessel that can rescue 1000 people from the sea. Solve a real-world problem and win some prizes too!

The RAF is 100 years old in 2018. To help celebrate, they have produced this activity book

Here's a list of some of our favourite children's engineering and STEM books

Here we'll teach you how to create your own liquid 'crop circles' and make twirly tie-dye shapes!

Fun, experiments to do around the house. Discover that crisps aren’t just for eating – they’re ideal for catapulting too!

Water woman needs to supply the city with drinking water. Can you help her find the right route?

Put your design and kite flying skills to the test with this fun activity!

Take part in the Chain Reaction Challenge!

Show off your flying skills in the Ring Wing Glider Challenge.

Come up with a wacky desert island invention!

Beat the Code-Cracker Challenge!

Create your own Robo Arm!

Design your own video referee system!